Wednesday, 14 August 2013

1 Inch Flat Iron - Review

Waking up in the morning, rolling out of bed and looking in the mirror to see out of control bed head can be a nightmare. Thanks to the invention of the 1"flat iron, we don't have to live this nightmare throughout the whole day anymore. With one swoop of the iron your hair will look more controlled and less frizzy.

 Today, 1 Inch Flat irons are one of the most sought after tools is the beauty industry, they have become a top seller and are voted one of the best inventions among stylists.  These irons allow salon professionals and the average consumer to smooth, straighten and control even the toughest textures of hair at anytime.  The unique features they are known for is the economical design, which allows for easy storage and travel,  digital technology that determines the temperature heat setting, fast heat up time, rounded plates which assist you in straightening, curling and flipping the hair and 

 Another great option you have with the flat iron is the selection of name brand companies that are on the market; almost every professional respected brad has a 1" flat iron. Some of the brands that you may recognize are; Babyliss, CHI, Cricket, FHI, GHD, Golden Hot, Hot Tools, Infrashine, Paul Brown, Solano, TurboIon and Croc just to name a few.  If you walk into any salon worldwide I can almost guarantee you that they will be using one of these name brand straightening irons.  Celebrity hairstyles have continued to show the on going trend of straight smooth hair styles, make sure that you yourself have the tools to help create this look.

 Below are the recommended hair straightening irons.

    * Best Low Cost Options:
          o Babyliss Pro Ceramic Tools Hair Straightening Flat Iron - 1"
          o Cricket Straight Crazy Ceramic Flat Iron - 1"
          o Hot Tools Gold Plated Pro Flat Iron - 1"

    * Top Mid Range Options:
          o Babyliss TT Tourmaline Titanium Flat Iron - 1"
          o Bio Ionic FreeStyle Ionic Flat Iron - 1"
          o Chi Ceramic Turbo Digital Flat Iron - 1"
          o FHI Ceramic Tourmaline Pink Go Styling Iron - 1"
          o HAI Nu Stik 1" Ceramic Flat Iron

    * Best High Quality / Professional Models:
          o TurboIon Croc 2 Titanium Flat Iron - 1"
          o Solano Sleek Heat 450 Professional Flat Iron - 1"
          o CHI Nano Digital 1" Ceramic Flat Iron
          o Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Ceramic Flat Iron - 1"

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